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about our company

our company

our values


We understand the human need and desire to belong. Through promoting diversity and supporting the removal of societal barriers, we aim to contribute to more inclusive and accessible spaces for all.


We recognize the inherent challenges

of the human condition.

We meet people where they are, and empathize with those who have had lived experiences different from our own.


We believe in empowered people, and know that those who are empowered are better positioned to shape their destiny. We prioritize community context in order to work toward sustainable outcomes.


We acknowledge that there is much we do not know. Our curiosity drives our continuous search for knowledge, which leads to personal and professional growth and inevitably better quality work.

Aponwao is the product of a mother/daughter team with a passion for projects and making them happen. Aponwao is the name of both a river and a waterfall (Chinak Meru) in the southeast of Venezuela, and with our name we pay homage to our homeland and her beautiful natural treasures.

We started Aponwao because we wanted a way to share what we had learned and developed over the years in an accessible and effective way. We believe all individuals and organizations have ideas and projects worth exploring, but may at times get lost or stuck figuring out how to make them a reality. We have created a blueprint to navigate this, and our purpose is to provide the tools needed to get people to where they want to go.

our expertise

about our expertise

Imagine standing on one side of a river, with your idea or project goal somewhere on the other side. What we offer is akin to the building of a sturdy bridge and the creating a detailed map, ensuring that you not only cross the river successfully but also navigate the terrain beyond. You currently may know what you have to do, but do you know how to do it in the most efficient manner and without risking forgetting something?

For decades, we have applied a unique methodology to both our project management careers and our personal lives. If we define projects as problems to be solved, we have found that our approach is a proven way to solve those problems: from simple personal projects to multi-million corporate ones. The core of this methodology is a project scoping approach that integrates:

  • Systems Thinking

  • Communications

  • Critical Thinking and

  • Project Management Processes


which allows us to see the whole, along with all its elements and how each interrelates with the others. Our step-by-step process is how we mitigate scope creep.

From the beginning, we interview project owners and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), in order to learn what they know about the project, as well as their past experience in similar situations. This helps us understand how decisions and conclusions were made; and how it all ties into the elements of the new project.

While we apply the same methodology to all projects, we do not apply it the same way. As we learn about the size and complexity from the project team, we are able to tailor our approach. Our clients are experts in their field and we are experts in scoping projects. Together we trace the path from initial idea to tangible reality.

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our team

about our team

Black and white headshot of Aponwao founder Lizzie Lee. She has short spikey hair, glasses, single pearl earrings and a pearl necklace. She is smiling wide and has a button up shirt.

Lizzie Lee


Lizzie is a seasoned professional in Program and Project Management. Her career is a testament to her dedication and leadership in overseeing complex projects and national and international cross-functional teams. Her ability to navigate through technical challenges, coupled with strategic planning, has played a pivotal role in the successful execution of numerous programs. She has a successful professional history in the aviation and aerospace industry, government contracting, as well as in oil, infrastructure, mining, and consulting across numerous organizations.

Lizzie holds an Engineering degree specializing in Electro-Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science in Project Management. She has been a Subject Matter Expert in multiple task forces for the Project Management Institute (PMI), and is PMI-PMP and PMI-SP certified.

Beyond the boardroom, Lizzie is a passionate long-distance runner. Having completed more than 500 races, her running is a metaphor for the long-haul commitment she brings to her professional and personal life.

In addition to her professional and athletic achievements, Lizzie is a passionate family historian. With an innate talent for genealogy, she has spent years unraveling the intricate threads of her family’s history. Her ability to connect with her past generations has not only enriched her own understanding of heritage but has also become a cherished gift to her extended family through the preservation and publication of the family chronicles.

Read more about Lizzie on her LinkedIn page

Alejandra Moreno


Alejandra has over ten years of rich international experience in project coordination and management. Their multicultural background has shaped a global perspective, fueling a passion for social justice and an unwavering dedication to making a positive impact. With a sprinkle of hospitality, most of their professional background is in projects within the nonprofit and government sectors.


They specialize in project initiation, planning, and communications, with a strong focus on creating inclusive, collaborative, and empowering spaces. Their approach is to embrace and nurture atypicality, both in themselves and in others, in order to strengthen community and foster human diversity. They aim to develop and deliver strategic roadmaps for aligned, integrated and efficient project management.


Alejandra brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to integrated and intentional work, and they consider themselves to be in eternal pursuit of growth and learning.


While not at work, they’re at their happiest when either creating art or completely surrounded by nature and animals. Alejandra is originally from Venezuela and has degrees in Communications and International Studies. They currently live in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

Read more about Alejandra on their LinkedIn page

Black and white headshot of Aponwao founder Alejandra Moreno. They have curly short hair with shaved sides, glasses, and long silver earrings. They are smiling wide and have a plaid button up shirt.
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